Saturday, December 28, 2013

Applied to Timothy Sykes Trading Challenge

So I applied to be Timothy Sykes trading challenge student. I received an email about a week later to schedule an interview. I have my interview booked...
for this coming Monday. I'm curious as to who I will be talking with. Its probably one of Tim's employees trying to weed out all of the idiot traders not taking Tim's challenge seriously. I however have been watching Tim for about 5 years now. I have seen Tim prove all these haters and filthy stock promoters wrong. I have been wanting to jump into the trading strategy for years but have been limited due to school and not having a decent starting balance. Well, I have since graduated from the mighty University of Florida with a business degree and now have the funds to start my quest in becoming a successful trader and on my way to becoming another addition to Tim's arsenal of millionaires. I am not sure exactly what the interview will be like but I'm looking forward to taking this next step. Most of you have heard about Tim's latest millionaire creation who goes by the name of Tim Grittani who turned $1500 into 1 million in about 3 years. If you haven't heard about this, you can check it out here. This is an amazing accomplishment and very impressive. This goes to show you that if you have the discipline and patience, you can be successful with this strategy. I am very excited for this opportunity to create a better work-life balance for myself. So my plan is to start off with $2000 and see where I end up. I know its a tiny starting position but its probably a good idea to start small as I'm sure I will make plenty of mistakes in the process. All my trades will be verified with Covestor and I will also post all my trades on my blog with a detailed analysis of what I did right or wrong. Lets Do This!!!

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