Monday, May 28, 2012

I finally graduated!!! Im ready to start focusing on trading

That's right! I did it. I finally graduated from the University of Florida with a business degree. It only took me the better part of a decade. But at least I'm finished. Now I can start focusing on my true passion of trading stocks.
I now have much more time watching the market and focusing on penny stock promotions that are destined to rise and fail just like the majority. I am also planning on starting from scratch as far as my penny stock portfolio is concerned. As you can clearly see, I have had my share of bad trades due to being busy and not being available to pull the trigger when it called for it. I continue to be a bag holder of several dead stocks in which I'm trying to unload. I did update my web page on the right side to include numerous Penny Stock promoters and there websites that you can sign up for so you can be alerted to next "great penny stock" Humor aside, i think traders should always be subscribed to these newsletters as you can profit big time from them. You just have to watch closely and have your finger on the trigger ready to bail at the slightest bit of panic. Don't buy into the hype as 99.99% of these stocks will drop just as fast as they shoot up.
     I am so excited about the upcoming stock promotions and will be watching closely with a plan of attack. I will continue to post my trades real time on my web page so everyone can learn from my mistakes and perhaps profit from them as well. Some new stocks I'm watching include:

ASYI  -   Aisystems Inc.
AAPT -   All American Pet Co.
KMAG - KMA Global Solutions
ICPA -    IC Places
HLNT -   Highline Tech Innovations Inc.
OTOW - O2 Secure Wireless

Good luck trading guys!!!! Let me know if you find some stocks worth watching.

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jeni jewel said...

OTCMAGIC is an awesome newsletter that reports on anything that is hot and happening in the world of Penny Stocks.