Monday, February 7, 2011

Added 1,950,000 shares of SNRS @.0002 to my position on potential NEWS!!!!

That's right, after holding this stock for what seems like an eternity, I decided to add to my position and average down on news that the Caveat Emptor has been taken off at
They stated that major news should be reported within 24 hours. It doesn't really matter to me what the news is as it probably is some more BS fluff to get investors excited and drive up the stock price. After all, the company needs money to pay back all of the sleazy stock promoters for their promotion of the company. Honestly I cant wait to get out of this stock as they have proven time and time again that you cant trust them with there false promises of "increasing shareholder value", and not keeping the shareholders informed. Remember, I am not buying more of this stock because of the actual news, rather the false hope a news announcement will bring and in turn will drive this price up. My exit on this one will be around .0005 but could change due to the sleaziness of this epitome of a pump and dump....LOL!!!


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