Sunday, January 30, 2011

PLPE Could be a huge Social Networking Stock Investment

I was doing my normal DD when I came across an interesting stock that had an IPO about a week ago. This stock is (PLPE).
Its a social networking site that has a very interesting business model. This website has three main parts. The first part is the normal social networking page with all the familiar layouts such as a facebook or myspace would. The second part is a very cool concept. They use what they call an insta portal which allows users to design and crop your favorite websites and post them on a single page where they update automatically. The third part is probably the part that I find the most interesting. This is the part where users can actually make money using the website. The website states that it shares ad revenue with the users. I copied a detailed explanation of the ad revenue sharing from the FAQ section of their website here......
The ad share payments are based on a variety of factors that allow our members to receive a larger share of ad revenue. This is determined based on usage of the site, which includes factors such as PeoplePoints, logins, page views, checking email, searching via PeopleString, referrals, and so on. Use the web as you normally would, and please don't click on ads unless you have a genuine interest in the product. You are not paid per click, but rather your percentage of the revenues is determined by the aforementioned factors. So enjoy!

Its an interesting idea as I signed up myself to get a better feel for it. I am seriously considering investing a little bit into this website as it could be a nice runner as people set high expectations on this website competing with the other social networking giants. It will be interesting and fun to watch this stock to see how investors react to it. I was watching this stock last Friday and it made a nice jump upward in share price closing at $1.12 a share. Up from about .80. Anybody out there thinking about playing this stock????? 

I posted the most recent chart to show how this stock is starting to grab attention and the volume is starting to pick up.


Devon J said...

PeopleString was trading at a 1.12 a year and a half ago and now less than .04 and falling??? What's going on? Any offerings of possible explanation?
As much as I appreciate their services it's difficult to imagine a turn around.

UFgemini said...

Yeah, I saw how much that stock has dropped. The financials were just posted and looks horrible. The losses keep mounting. Looks to me like the typical start up company that diluted their stock price to raise funds to keep operations going. I pulled out of that stock a while back. When they first launched, it seemed like they had to momentum to get noticed by all of the PR"s that were released. They needed to market their product better but I think its too late for them. Im still watching them in case they get bought out by a larger firm or decide to turn things around.