Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sold all my ACLH position for a profit of $187

Sold all my ACLH because of the waiting game for a BP contract. They came out with news about something to do with some oil wells.
This is not the news I was expecting but still think the contracts are around the corner. I wanted to free up some buying power so I can make other plays.
In total I sold :

05/18/2010 09:55 AM$141.804Sold 2,727 ACLH@ $0.052
05/18/2010 09:55 AM$775.50Sold 15,000 ACLH@ $0.052
05/18/2010 09:34 AM$270.50Sold 5,000 ACLH@ $0.055
Its kind of disappointing that at one time during this trade I was at a profit of over $700 but a profit is a profit. I believe that this stock will trend down until news hits. Also the rumors of a reverse split are all over the place. This is why I went with my gut and made an exit while I still had some profits.

Meanwhile PPJE just came out with news:
I will be looking to exit at around .0009

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