Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Hot Penny Stocks to watch... CDIV, EVFN, GRNE, PIHN, PPJE, GERS

I have not been able to do much trading with classes going on. It has kept me pretty busy. Whenever I get free time I am always looking at new plays and seeing what everyone is talking about. I absolutely love reading all of the message board hype. They are filled with bashers and pumpers just littering the boards with false promises of these penny stocks "blasting off" and 'going to da moon". Its really very entertaining and funny to read. Every once in a while I discover a penny stock that just truly amazes me. An example of this would be CDIV. This stock is very impressive. Just look at this 2 month chart:

You can really see the potential a penny stock has. If you look at my older posts you can see where I made a play on this same stock around a couple of cents. Just imagine how much I would have made if I were to have held on to this one. Coulda woulda shoulda right....well, for fun lets just see how much I would have made. I bought 11,000 shares at .038 on June 11th, 2009 which I paid $418 plus commissions. If I would have gone into a coma and woke up today :), my $418 trade would have turned into $6,270...and people say that there is no potential in penny stocks. This doesn't even compare to how much I COULDA made on the ASFX trade. Well, Ill land a big one eventually and will buy that island I have been eyeing for so long. Wishful thinking huh. Wait and see. :)

As I wonder off to dream land, keep your eyes on a few hot stocks that are volatile as ever. These penny plays are EVFN, GRNE, pihn, PPJE, GERS.

Good luck trading Guys!!!