Friday, January 29, 2010

Sold all of my MSHE...Bought SPKL!!!

Thats right, I sold all of my MSHE shares @.0005 just to get rid of it.
SPKL is on a tear and has gone from .08 to .20 in les than 5 days. I just picked up 1275 @.20. Lets see if I can ride this wave into profits and break this losing streak im having.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bought 7,500 shares of CTIC @.032

This stock is being pumped by all kinds of newsletters right now. I jumpd in quick this morning to see what this attention will do to this stock. Lets see what the hype brings!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SOLD all of my LDSR position @.0022 for a small loss

After a run from .0009 to .0024 in about a week, I decided to dump all of my LDSR shares. With hopes of audited financials coming out, and a merger with a "proitable" company in the future, this stock seemed to make a nice comeback. I just wanted to get out because I feel this price will go back down when all the hype dies down. I will probably get back in when there is actual proof that this company is doing well. After all, this is one of those shady Chinese companies which are very hard to trust. I really do hope they prove me wrong as I think this stock can make a real move. Meanwhile, I have my eyes on HESG. The risk on this one is greater but the reward is oh so sweeter. As soon as my buying power updates, I hope to jump on this one around .0003. Well, that's all for now, back to studying....Good luck trading!!!